Project Management

There several key factors that the success of every project depends on:

  • Thoughtful planning and specification of the project scope of work and end customer’s goals.
  • Schedule planning and control (definition of critical path activities and milestones).
  • Budget planning and control with Financial Projections for all phase of the project.
  • Skilled Manpower allocation with the right experience and skills.
  • Project control with risks mitigation activities all the phases.

Our experienced Project Managers working on multiple activities during the planning and execution of the project:

  • Creating a detailed project plan with tasks, milestones and critical activities.
  • Preparing a project budget with estimated expenditures, Cashflow and P&L analysis.
  • Working on Conceptual Design, Basic Design, and Final Detail Design.
  • Managing all Supply Chain with a focus on cost and schedule reduction activities.
  • Writing requirement specifications and handling tests and qualification.
  • Monitoring Project’s KPIs.
  • Managing Project’s stakeholders such as consultants, sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • Building a work plan (WBS) and preparing all relevant project’s planning documents, such as URS, SRS, SAD, SIT, UAT, BCP/DRP, BOD, DQ.
  • Risk Management with proactive risk mitigation activities during all phases of the project.
  • Supervising installation systems on customer’s sites, according to approved design and contracts.

We develop end-to-end solutions
and handle the process from beginning to the end.

ValiTech’s specialists have successfully conducted implementation of planned projects in the Pharma sector for several years, we work in accordance with national laws and cGMP requirements. ValiTech offers consultancy services in Pharma and Medical devices related areas.